Hit any bulls eyes with your shotgun advertising lately?

How often is your TV ad campaign off-target, seen by someone who’s not even interested in your product?  How often is it skipped by with TIVO, How often is the audio muted? 

What sort of value is that???

We are interested in assisting companies who are eco-conscious and focused on marketing items which are healthy, organic, non-toxic - and in sync with VoiceYourself’s green philosophy. Sorry Monsanto, you’ll have to advertise elsewhere.

With VoiceYourself adverts, your message will be seen and/or heard by more people who are genuinely interested in your product, than through traditional media channels.  Our advertising packages give your business the opportunity to be viewed by very targeted niche markets - people who specifically visit VoiceYourself to watch and read our various special interest educational materials. You only pay a fee when they see your ad or banner. 

TV ad spots

Broadcast on demand your advertising for a fraction of the cost of ads on conventional television for a low per viewer fee.  These spots can be up to 0:30 in length and are played before our video clips. 

Banner Ads

This is a great way for you to drive highly targeted traffic to your web site. Your banner ads are placed for specific tie ins with the primary message of the particular page.

In the case of our video pages, all ads are in full view during the entire duration that each video is being played.  These are not quick click through style pages, where your ad may not even be seen!

Select Your Own Budget

Our ad options allow you to select your maximum monthly ad budget.  You may be billed less (based on lower than anticipated views) – but you will never be billed for more than your monthly budget allocation.

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for customized quote to fit your needs.


The Benefits of Online Advertising

There are actually many different benefits to online advertising. Since costs are ultimately what drive any promotional strategy, it's a huge benefit that online advertising is a cheap alternative to many traditional methods. One benefit to online advertising is that it works so very quickly. The day that you get started is the day that you can begin to see results from your campaign. There is no waiting period or no long startup process. As soon as you are ready to get going you can launch a successful online advertising campaign across a variety of channels. The results will be quick, but they can also be maintained for a long period of time.

With online advertising you will be able to target your market much more efficiently and effectively than with many traditional advertising strategies. You can dig as deeply into your niche as possible and therefore can produce the maximum results with a minimum level of investment.

Clearly there are many different benefits to online advertising. In most instances it's cheaper and also allows you to target your audience more effectively. The results are quick and long lasting, and you'll have access to all of the statistical information you need to ensure you are making the most of your campaigns. 

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